DPReview: Nikon Z6 4K Video Footage is better than Z7, similar to Sony a7 III

DPReview has published the Nikon Z6 sample 4K and 1080/120p video: the Nikon Z6 4K video footage looks better than the Nikon Z7, and is similar to the Sony a7 III.


The Z6 and a7 III are taking different approaches to their oversampled 4K output with the Sony doing a better job capturing fine detail. The Z6 on the other hand looks to be using larger-radius sharpening (by default) which results in a punchier look out of camera. As expected, the Z6’s full-frame 4K looks better than the Z7‘s full-frame 4K, which doesn’t use all its pixel rows, reducing both resolution and low-light performance.

The Z6’s cropped 4K also appears to use larger-radius sharpening than the Sony’s and looks similar (but still slightly better) when compared to the Z7’s. Interestingly the Z6’s 4K full-frame footage looks very similar to its 4K APS-C cropped footage. There may be a bit of a noise penalty using the later, but detail is broadly similar.

In addition, The Nikon Z6’s full-frame 1080/24p looks better both than the Nikon Z7‘s full-frame 1080/24p and than the Sony a7 III‘s 1080/24p.


The Z6’s full-frame 1080/24p looks better both than the Z7’s full-frame 1080/24p and than the a7 III’s 1080/24p. As a whole, the Z6’s HD footage has much more sharpening applied than the a7 III’s, but it doesn’t necessarily show much more tangible detail. This is also the case when comparing the Z6’s 1080/120p to the a7 III’s.

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Via: DPReview