“DREAMING” 4K Video: Shot on the Nikon Z6

Marin Marinov shot the “DREAMING” 4K video with the Nikon Z6 full frame mirrorless camera. Great work!

One day a guy came home and gave me a camera. He just said it’s top secret mirrorless full-frame Nikon… so I thought, why not try what’s it capable of 😉

I’ve been shooting Nikons for years, but really wasn’t impressed with video quality. I have a D850 and didn’t even bother to try the video mode…. it’s like the switch for video was cemented (just kidding:)

I’m full time director of photography. I edit a lot of the footage I shoot too, so I’ve got a good idea about the image quality of many cinema cameras like Red and Alexa, but also of the Sony and Panasonic mirrorless.

That secret camera, Nikon Z6, happen to be pretty nice for video. It competes well with it’s sony and pana counterparts with an added bonus – 10bit output from a full frame sensor. I’ve tried a sample camera for a short time, with some firmware bugs and burned out pixels, but it looks really promising. I like the new Nikon!

Nikon Z6:

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Nikon Z7:

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NIKKOR Z Lenses:

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Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter:

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