Manfrotto Professional Battery & Twin Charger for Nikon Announced

Manfrotto Announced the new Professional Rechargable Li-ion Battery and ProCUBE Professional Twin Charger for Nikon Cameras.

Manfrotto Professional Lithium-Ion Battery: $49.99 at B&H, Adorama.

Manfrotto ProCUBE Professional Twin Charger: $79.99 at B&H, Adorama.

Manfrotto Professional Lithium-Ion Battery:

Compatible Nikon cameras:
D500 / D600 / D7000 / D7100/ D7200 / D810 / D800 / D800E / Nikon V1 (Bridge)

Features and Benefits
– Extra durability in extreme conditions
– Using UL approved Li-ion cells
– High energy density ratio
– Good voltage stability offering longer camera running time
– Capable of more than 500 charge/discharge cycles
– 1 year warranty, subject to specified conditions

Manfrotto ProCUBE Professional Twin Charger

Compatible Nikon batteries:
EN-EL14 | EN-EL15 | EN-EL25

Features & Benefits:
• Charges one or two batteries simultaneously
• Intelligent fast IC charge control
• Supplied with interchangeable US, Euro and UK plugs
• 12V Car lead included
• Integrated 2.4A USB charger
• AA tray charges 4 AA batteries simultaneously* Supplied with required battery plates
• mAh reading shows how much capacity (mAh) has been added during charging
• Great for a quick top-up charge – enough charge in 15 mins
• 300 mAh = approximately 150 photos
• High-end LCD display with improved visibility
• Battery health check