Nikon Announces the Development of the NIKKOR Z 26mm f/2.8 and NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S Lenses

Nikon has announced it’s developing the Nikkor 26mm f/2.8 pancake wide-angle prime lens and Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.2 S mid-telephoto prime lens.

The only thing Nikon is giving away about its new ultrafast telephoto prime is the focal length and maximum aperture, with the only product image revealing an 82mm front filter thread. Yet, with no pricing or availability info released so far, the only way to get more details is to visit their booth at CES 2023 in Las Vegas from January 5–8.

The NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S is part of the S-Line* NIKKOR Z lens series, and realizes both superior rendering performance and large, beautiful bokeh. It expands possibilities for users capturing portraits in areas such as weddings and fashion.

The NIKKOR Z 26mm f/2.8 achieves outstanding slimness and lightness, as well as high rendering performance, making it an ideal lens for advanced amateur photographers who take their camera everywhere so as not to miss a moment.

Nikon will continue to pursue a new dimension in optical performance while meeting users’ needs, contributing to the development of imaging culture, with the hope of expanding possibilities for imaging expression.