Nikon D7500 Firmware Update Ver.1.11 Released

Nikon just released new firmware update version 1.11 for Nikon D7500 DSLR camera. You can follow the link below to download the firmware update.

Download link:

Nikon D7500 Firmware Version 1.11

Changes from “C” Firmware Version 1.10 to 1.11

  • • Fixed an issue occurring during live-view photography with a mix of optically- and radio-controlled flash units that would sometimes result in the optically-controlled units not firing.
  • • Fixed an issue occurring when a flash unit was mounted on the camera that would sometimes result in the camera ignoring the value selected for [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Maximum sensitivity with ] in the [PHOTO SHOOTING MENU] after settings were loaded using [Save/load settings] > [Load settings] in the [SETUP MENU].
  • Note
  • Performing a firmware update while the camera is affected by the second of the two issues above will not in itself correct the problem. After performing the update, you will need to either:
    • • reset all settings using [Reset all settings] > [Reset] in the [SETUP MENU], or
    • • load previously-saved settings (if available) from the memory card using [Save/load settings] > [Load settings] in the [SETUP MENU].

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