Nikon NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.2 S Lens Coming Next

The latest rumor suggests that the “35mm S-Line” on the NIKKOR Z lens roadmap will be “NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.2 S”.

Canon’s RF 35mm is rumored to have an F1.2 aperture, while Sigma has already released a 35mm F1.2 DG DN Art lens, so it’s highly likely Nikon will come out with a 35mm lens with the same aperture. I wonder if the pricing will be the same as the current NIKKOR Z 50mm F1.2 (AmazonB&HAdorama). Also, it seems likely that the 85mm will be f/1.2 and the 135mm will be f/1.8.

By the way, Nikon USA has released silhouettes of new lenses on the lens roadmap. I don’t know if it will be this way, but it seems that the 26mm will be a very pancake lens.

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