Nikon Z8 Coming in Spring 2023 to Compete with Sony a7R V

Nikon Rumors has rumored that the Nikon Z8 could arrive in Spring 2023, and it will be a model that compete directly with the new Sony a7R V in terms of price and specifications.

“Nikon Z8” design completed and ready for production

The design of the “Nikon Z8” has been completed and is ready for production. We’ve heard that the only issue preventing an official announcement is an ongoing parts shortage.

When will the Z8 be announced?

  • Z8 development announcement could be in early 2023, same as D4/D5
  • An official announcement at CP+ 2023 (February 23-26) is unlikely, but the possibility is not zero
  • The most likely official announcement of the “Z8” will be in the spring of 2023 (end of March or Q2?), with a possible release date around May.

What to expect from the Z8?

  • Same form factor as “Z6/Z7”
  • Improved EVF
  • Improved AF performance
  • Same sensor as “Z9

So far, there is no reliable information (rumors) about the Z6 III and Z7 III. Nikon has already revealed that it plans to implement the Z9’s features in lower-end cameras. In an article on The Economist Online , Nikon President Toshikazu Umatate said, “The mirrorless flagship model “Z9” launched at the end of 2021 is doing well, and we will deploy its innovative performance to other models, and we will also promote advertising and product development for young people. ”

If the “Nikon Z8” is officially announced at CP + 2023, it will be a big topic and will be the main player of CP +, but it seems unlikely that the “Z8” will be officially announced at CP + for now. However, there is a possibility that mockups will be released and some specifications will be revealed at the venue. CP+ 2023 will also be held online, so I’m hoping that some kind of “Z8” video will appear.

According to this information ( rumor ), the design of “Z8” has been completed and it is ready for production. …

In the Imaging Business, we have secured the number of parts to meet the initial production plan of 700,000 units. Although there are cases in which procurement restrictions have suddenly arisen for some parts, the overall trend of improvement continues. *From the main Q&A (PDF)

…Since I commented, I think Nikon will prepare the “Z8” exactly.  As far as financial results are concerned, Nikon’s Imaging Business continues to perform well. I personally hope that the “Z8” is finished as a model that succeeds the “D850“.

Nikon Rumors hopes that the same sensor as the “Z9” will be installed, but if it is finished in a camera that directly competes with the Sony a7R V in terms of specifications, the same 61MP as the a7R V, I also wonder if there is a possibility that a pixel sensor will be installed.

Nikon NIKKOR Z lens roadmap:

  • Z 70-180mm
  • Z 35mm S-Line
  • Z 135mm S-Line
  • Z DX 12-28mm PZ
  • Z DX 24mm
  • Z 26mm
  • Z 85mm S-Line
  • Z 200-600mm
  • Z 600mm S-Line

Stay tuned with us for more information.

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