Yongnuo YN 50mm f/1.8Z DF DSM Lens for Nikon Z-mount Announced

Yongnuo officially announced the new Yongnuo YN50mm f/1.8Z DF DSM Lens for Nikon Z-mount full frame mirrrorless cameras.

Dual Fn Function Button, Easier to Operate

The Fn custom function buttons are equipped right above and on the side of the lens, so you can enjoy the professional operation feeling whether shooting horizontally or vertically.

The reasonable use of <Fn> button can quickly call up a function menu or execute a quick action, which improves your creation efficiency.

Equipped with Control Ring

The control ring and manual focus ring adopt an integrated design. The user can assign the common functions like aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, etc. to the control ring in advance according to their shooting requirements. By turning the control ring, the corresponding parameters can be adjusted quickly, which greatly improves the operation convenience and creation efficiency.

Note: The control ring function works properly only when the focus mode switch is set to AF.

Compact and Lightweight,Elaborately Manufactured

The lens adopts the aviation aluminum alloy as the housing main body, and is processed with surface anodic oxidation and sand blasting to make beauty and texture coexist and effectively improves the corrosion and wear resistance at the same time. The overall construction of the lens is compact, its maximum diameter and length is 68*87mm and the net weight is only about 417g, which is conductive to handhold shooting and video recording for a long time.

Equipped with Dust -and Water -proof Rubber Ring

The bayonet is equipped with a dust- and water-proof rubber ring, which can effectively resist the entry of dust and water droplets.

Note: The bayonet of the lens has a certain degree of waterproof performance, but it is not completely waterproof. If you are shooting in rainy days, please try to keep the lens from getting wet.

Equipped with AF/MF Focus Mode Switch

You can quickly switch the focus mode through the AF/MF focus mode switch.

Equipped with Quiet DSM Stepping Motor

Digital stepping motor (DSM) has fast start and stop response, high focusing accuracy and quieter focusing action, which is suitable for photo shooting and short film recording.

With F1.8 Large Aperture

Flexible use of F1.8 large aperture, easy to obtain a soft blur effect. You can also use a low sensitivity and high shutter for shooting even in low light environment.

With 11 optical lenses in 8 groups, nano-multilayer coating process

The lens adopts an optical structure of 11 lenses in 8 groups and the nano-multilayer coating process, which can effectively increase the light transmittance and suppress back-light ghosts and glare.

Aspherical Lens

Equipped with one aspherical lens, which effectively compensate for a variety of aberrations.

Low-dispersion Glass Lens

Equipped with one low-dispersion glass lens, which can effectively suppress the dispersion problem.

9 Circular Aperture Blades

With 9 circular aperture blades. It can shoot circular diffuse spots. It can also take pictures with 18 starburst effects if the aperture is appropriately reduced..

USB Firmware Upgrade

Equipped with the USB Type-C interface, you can download the latest firmware to upgrade the lens, which keeps the lens at its best performance.

Metal Bayonet, Gold-plated Contacts

Adopts high-precision metal bayonet and gold-plated contacts, which can effectively improve signal conductivity and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it can maintain reliable communication between the camera and the lens, and realize functions such as auto focus, aperture control, and EXIF information transmission.

Spatial frequency

Maximum aperture

10 lines/mm

30 lines/mm