Nikon Z6 III Rumored Specifications

Here are the latest rumored specifications for the anticipated Nikon Z6 III mirrorless camera, slated for an announcement in the early months of 2024, expected between January and April.

Nikon Z6 III Rumored Specifications:

  • Nikon Z6 III expected in early 2024 (in Q1, between January and April)
  • New 24.5 MP BSI sensor
  • Better ergonomics compared to the Z6
  • 6K ProRes RAW video support
  • Pixel-shift
  • Vari‚Äďangle LCD screen
  • Higher fps than Z6II
  • Nikon Z8 or similar focusing system
  • Mechanical & electronic shutter
  • Hybrid body design between the Z6 and Z8 (bigger than the current Z6/7 but smaller than the Z8)

The Nikon Z6 III is projected to feature a novel 24.5 MP BSI sensor, promising enhanced image quality. Notably, improvements in ergonomics compared to its predecessor, the Z6, are anticipated. The camera is said to support 6K ProRes RAW video, a significant enhancement for video enthusiasts. Additionally, a pixel-shift capability, a vari-angle LCD screen, and a higher frames-per-second (fps) rate compared to the Z6II are expected, providing users with advanced shooting options.

Moreover, the Nikon Z6 III is rumored to incorporate a focusing system similar to the Z8, showcasing the manufacturer’s commitment to superior autofocus performance. The hybrid body design is poised to strike a balance between the current Z6/Z7 models and the larger Z8, offering a unique form factor for users.

Despite earlier speculations surrounding a high-speed continuous shooting model referred to as the Z9H, it appears that the Nikon Z6 III is the actual candidate. The larger body size in comparison to the current Z6/Z7 models raises curiosity about the design choices Nikon will implement.

While the continuous shooting speed on the Z6II might be faster, the absence of a stacked sensor due to the mechanical shutter indicates a distinct approach in sensor technology for the Z6 III. The autofocus system inherited from the Z8 is expected to bring a notable boost in overall performance.

Interestingly, opinions vary on the transition from a tilt to a vari-angle LCD screen, emphasizing the subjective nature of this feature. The “Z6 II,” released in November 2020, and the potential “Z6 III” launching in early 2024 suggest a natural timeline for the announcement, possibly coinciding with CP+2024 scheduled between February 22nd and 25th.

Delving into the lens lineup, rumors circulate around the release of the “NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.2 S” and the “NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/3.5-6.3,” adding to the anticipation of Nikon’s new offerings in 2024. As enthusiasts eagerly await these potential releases, the future of the “Z7” series remains uncertain with the recent introduction of the “Z8.” Nikon’s strategic decisions in evolving their camera lineup continue to capture the attention of the photography community.

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