Amazon Started Shipping D850 Pre-orders Placed at the end of September


Our readers and the members in Nikon D850 Facebook group told me that Amazon already started shipping the Nikon D850 pre-orders placed at the end of September 2017, much earlier than other stores like B&H, Adorama and FocusCamera. And Amazon now updates the Nikon D850 in stock status, listing the Nikon D850 as “Temporarily out of stock” instead of the previous “Shipping in 2-4 months“. I believe most Nikon D850 pre-orders (at Amazon) will be fulfilled before black friday & cyber monday 2017.

Nikon D850 availabitily: $3,296.95 at Amazon.

Currently, B&H and Adorama are still shipping Nikon D850 pre-orders in late August.

Here’s how my experience went down:

B&H Photo – order 9:13am 25 Aug, not filled in their 09 Nov shipment for some odd reason because they filled ones from the evening of 8/25, cancelled later on 09 Nov. I’ve fired B&H for life.

Amazon – ordered 33 days later on Sep 28, filled and shipped 09 Nov

Best Buy – Ordered Oct 3rd, haven’t decided what to do with that one. “Expected to ship by Sat, Nov 18.” is what it currently says.

Focus Camera – ordered Oct 12, cancelled 07 Nov.

In addition, NikonRumors reported that a large shipment of Nikon D850 cameras is hitting US stores this week. So I think if you pre-order the D850 at Amazon at this time, you will receive your shipment in less than 30 days.

You can also check the Nikon D850 in Stock Tracker.

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