Nikon Will Announce Two New Cameras This Year

According to the latest rumors, Nikon will announce two new cameras later this year: one model is likely to be APS-C mirrorless and the other is likely to be full-frame mirrorless camera.

There is no doubt that the first camera will be the rumored Nikon Z30 (which will be announce later this month with the Z 400mm f/4.5). What is the second model? The details is still unknown. The following are possible options:

Nikon Z5 II or Nikon Z4

It is expected that the possibility of cheap entry-level “Z5 II” or “Z4” is low. Entry-level full-frame cameras no longer popular, and many manufacturers have recently stated that they are once again focusing on “APS-C” mirrorless products.

Nikon Z6 III

The current Nikon Z6 II is equipped with a 24MP sensor, but the rumored Nikon Z6 III is likely equipped with an image sensor of 30MP or more. We expect that the all future cameras will have a higher pixels.

Nikon Z8

The idea of the “Z 8” is similar to the “D850“, and it is expected to be a high-pixel machine with a smaller body (without grip) at a lower price (than the Z9).

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