Nikon Z9 Promo Video Leaked

Nikon India leaked the Nikon Z9 promo video with some more information about specifications – This video has now been removed from YouTube, but can still be found at Weibo.

  • World’s first 8K 60p
  • World’s first Double coat on low-pass filter
  • World’s first Scan rate
  • World’s first 120fps continuous shooting
  • Nikon’s first Multi-axis tilt monitor
  • Nikon’s first 20fps RAW continuous shooting
  • NIKKOR Z 100-400m f/4.5-5.6 VR S installed
  • Appearance of Nikon Z9

8K 60p and 120fps continuous shooting is as rumored. It is amazing that it is possible to shoot 60 frames per second with 8K = 33 million pixels. I’m not sure if RAW output is possible with this setting, but 8K 60p video cropping seems to be interesting. In addition, it also supports “120-frame second continuous shooting”, and I’m wondering if it will be possible to shoot in DX mode with 11 million pixels as rumored.

The credibility of the content of this video is unknown, but it looks likely to be genuine given that it uses a Z9 product image that I haven’t seen before.

You can see all the Nikon Z9 Teaser Videos at Nikon Image.

The upcoming Nikon products:

Nikon Z9 Rumored specifications

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